Our Background and Operations

Our Story

We are a full-service carpet and flooring company with over 50 years of experience furnishing and installing all types of carpeting and flooring in both residential and commercial properties throughout New England. We are committed to excellence and pride ourselves on maintaining and building long lasting relationships with our clientele.

Watertown Floor Covering was founded in 1954 by John Parenti. John built our carpet and flooring company from the ground up and taught his son Michael, as well as other family members, the carpet and flooring business so that one day they could take over the company. Michael has been in charge of Watertown Floor Covering since 2000, and the business has continued to grow and keep up with the new trends among other carpet and flooring companies.


In keeping pace with technology and architects as they move away from paper blueprints and focus on PDF plans, our carpet and flooring estimators are trained in Callidus, the #1 flooring software for takeoffs.

Callidus is a sophisticated software package that makes calculations based on site measurements, scanned drawings, floor plans and AutoCAD. This means our entire installation process is quicker and more accurate, minimizing estimating, planning and installation costs compared to other carpet and flooring companies.

To learn more about the benefits of Watertown Floor Covering, check out the list of professional qualities that put our services ahead of other carpet and flooring comapnies on the Why Choose Watertown Floor Covering page.

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